An-Dinh Nguyen


An-Dinh NguyenWho's that girl scribbling in her notebook about a missing child in a fictional civil war?

Who's that teen weaving a perilous whitewater rafting tale late night on her parents' desktop?

Who's that woman teaching herself e-commerce and SEO, soaking in 15 books on Motown and cranking out articles for the website Soully Oldies?

Someone who's been expertly wielding words since youth.

Also known as me, Ann.

I studied English literature at Yale and TV production at Boston University, and have worked at ABC under The Walt Disney Company. I've helped produce PBS's two-hour science special NOVA: Hunting the Elements as well as scientific conferences and interviews for Cambridge Innovation Institute.

I help clients better tell their stories, communicate essentials and engage their audiences across educational and entertainment media.

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